HitMixer  Enrico De Paoli 

Selected Discography

Ray Charles "My world"
— Recording Engineer— Synth/Drum Programming

Alexander O’Neal "Love makes no sense" — Recording Engineer — Programming

Aaron Neville "The grand tour" — Engineer — Programming

Elton John "Duets" — (Paul Young) — Akai S1000 Programming — Vocal Edits

Cidade Negra "Sobre todas as forcas" — Recording Engineer — Keyboards — Programming

Daniela Mercury "Musica de rua" — Recording Engineer — Programming

Roberto Carlos e Erasmo "Rei" — Recording Engineer — Sampling

Ary Barroso "Songbook" - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Jota Quest — Mixing Engineer

Djavan "Malasia" — Recording and Mixing Engineer and World Tour Front of the House Mix

Orlando Morais "Agora" — Mixing Engineer and Tour Front of the House Mix

Sublimes — Producer — Keyboards — Programming — Rec/Mix Engineer

Djavan "Bicho solto" — Rec/Mix Engineer — Programming — World Tour Front of the House Mix

Ed Motta "Remixes e Aperitivos" — Engineer and Remix Programming - Tour Front of the House Mix

Orlando Morais "Sete vidas" — Production — Rec/Mix Engineer — Keys — Programming — Tour FOH mix

Djavan "Ao vivo" — Voted BEST ENGINEERED CONCERT IN BRAZIL(2000) —World Tour Front of the House Mix

Marcus Miller  "M2: Power and Grace" — Recording Engineer/ProTools Edits (Duet with Djavan)

Gabriel Pensador   "Seja voce mesmo mas nao seja sempre o mesmo" — acoustic drums recording and   ProTools edits

Andre Vasconcelos "Observatorio" - Mix Engineer

Max Viana "No Calcadao"
- Rec/Mix engineer

Djavan "Cair em si"
- Remix

Onda R "Alma"
- Producer - Keyboards - Rec/Mix engineer

Acid X "uma geral"
- rec/mix engineer

Djavan "Milagreiro"
TOUR - FOH (front of the house) mix engineer

TITAS "Como estao voces ?"
- Rec/Mix engineer

PETROBRAS - show gathering Ivete Sangalo, Ana Carolina e Fernanda Abreu
- FOH mix

Djavan "Vaidade"
- Rec/Mix engineer and upcoming tour FOH mix engineer

Djavan  "Milagreiro"  — ProTools edits during mixdown

Olympics Celebration Show - over 200,000 people watched this event, that united 38 of the largest artists in the country including Simone, Marina Lima, Frejat, Jota Quest, Titas, Zizi Possi, Gabriel Pensador, Alcione, Arnaldo Antunes, among others.  FOH (front of the house) mix by Enrico De Paoli

Additional Info: Has worked closely with Richard Perry, Steve Lindsey, etc
Equipment knowledge includes NEVE Flying Faders, SSL G and J series/Axiom MT, ProTools, Digital Performer, Studio Vision, Akai Samplers/MPC, Roland Samplers, Yamaha 02/R, Panasonic DA7, MIDI/Synth Programming Project Studio in Los Angeles including Macintosh (Digital Performer) and classic gear (NEVEs, APIs, Manleys, etc)

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